Public Test



February 10, 2021

1:30 p.m.

Montrose Town Hall

1341 Diane Avenue

Belleville WI  53508


The Town of Montrose will be holding public testing of the electronic voting system.  The test shall be conducted by processing a pre-audited group of ballots so marked as to record a predetermined number of valid votes for each candidate and on each referendum (if any).  The test will include for each office one or more ballots which have votes in excess of the number allowed by law and, for a partisan primary election, one or more ballots which have votes cast for candidates of more than one recognized political party, in order to test the ability of the automatic tabulating equipment to reject such votes.  The Clerk shall make an errorless count before the automatic tabulating equipment is approved by the Clerk to use in the elections.


27 January 2021

Ann R. Sayles

Town Clerk


Posted on 27 January 2021 at Montrose Town Hall and Paoli Park

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